Family Law

Obscure Marriage Laws in the United States
Although nowadays these laws are probably not enforced, there are some interesting marriage laws that are still on the books in the US. Arkansas Briefly, for a few months of 2007 to 2008, ANYONE under the age of 18 could get married with parental consent no matter their age. Originally the law was meant for teenagers who became pregnant to get married if they had their parent's approval, however, lawmakers forgot to put in the age minimum. In April of 2008, the law was corrected making t
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Keeping Kids Out of the Middle When Parents Divorce
Every day we tell our kids to stop.  Stop arguing, stop being loud, stop touching each other… you know the drill.  Just stop. And we expect them to do it. When parent split up kids have their own list of “stops” for us too. Stop fighting, stop being angry, stop saying mean things about each other and stop putting them in the middle.  Just stop. And they really wish we would do it. When you and the other parent aren’t seeing eye-to-eye, take car
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