New .05 DUI Law In Utah Proving To Be Successful
Since December 30, 2018; Utal has implemented one of the strictest DUI laws in the nation.  They've lowered the blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) limit from .08 to .05 and based on the number of arrests during the first month of enforcement, it's proven to be efficient.   "Of the 844 people arrested by the Utah Highway Patrol in January for suspicion of DUI, only four were arrested for DUI alone with a blood-alcohol content between .05 and .079 percent. There were 38 to
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Hawkins v. McGee | The Hairy Hand Case
"A young man named George had surgery to correct an ugly scar on his hand. The surgeon grafted skin from George’s chest onto his hand.  Except George had a hairy chest, so now he had a hairy hand as well. George sued the surgeon and was awarded “the difference in value between a 100 percent good hand and a hairy hand.” Statement of the Facts Plaintiff Hawkins When he was a boy, touched an electric wire with his right hand.  That resulted in severe bu
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New Laws of 2019
New Year, New Laws.  Are you familiar with some of the new laws that have/will take into effect in Illinois?  Along with the ample amount of statues , this year about 253 laws will go into effect that range from gun control to new hunting clothes.  Over the past two years, there was about 9,646 bills that were introduced by lawmakers and of those, about 1,268 of those bills were passed by both the Senate and the House (Gov. Bruce Rauner signed 1,044 of those bills into law). &nbs
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