2019 New Laws

Tax Increases and Other New Laws Taking Place in Illinois, effective July 1st
With a new $40 billion state budget, July 1st brought a few new tax increases for residence of Illinois along with some new laws that will be taken into effect. Gas Tax The state’s 19-cent-per-gallon motor fuel tax doubles to 38 cents starting Monday. The gas tax last was raised in 1990 and will be indexed to the rate of inflation in the future. Municipalities in Cook County can separately levy a 3-cent-per-gallon motor fuel tax, and the collar counties are permitted to raise their tax
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New Laws of 2019
New Year, New Laws.  Are you familiar with some of the new laws that have/will take into effect in Illinois?  Along with the ample amount of statues , this year about 253 laws will go into effect that range from gun control to new hunting clothes.  Over the past two years, there was about 9,646 bills that were introduced by lawmakers and of those, about 1,268 of those bills were passed by both the Senate and the House (Gov. Bruce Rauner signed 1,044 of those bills into law). &nbs
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